More Than Anti-Vaxxers: How U.S. Newsrooms, Health Disparities, And Pharmaceutical Companies Contribute To Declining Vaccination Rates

The United States news media over-represent the anti-vaxxer population, and it’s distracting us from the real issues in healthcare.

Photo by Hyttalo Souza on Unsplash

“Rates for non-vaccinating due to beliefs versus access have increased, but there’s still a significant disparity between those who refuse and those who would like to vaccinate but can’t due to hardship,” Foss said. “Historically, single mothers of color and/or those with lower income are less likely to fully vaccinate due to access. Access to a pediatrician, transportation, lack of flexibility for work, and knowledge of vaccine (or) wellness check-up schedules can all contribute to an undervaccinated child.”

“Vaccines are safe and save lives.”

Writer, journalist, and podcast witch living in Georgia. Focusing on gender, sexuality & social justice. Bylines: Business Insider, The Lily & more. They/them.

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